The future of learning needs to be fun

Learning should be fun

When learners are engaged with quality material and feeling inspired, learning happens. That’s why learning should be a fun and exciting experience.

The next generation

Fun Learning focuses on the "Get Better" mindset. When we find intrinsic motivation and flow, we can unlock our learning potential.

Everybody can learn

The mission is to create Fun Learning solutions that enable everyone everywhere to start learning now.

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An early childhood education program for three to six-year-olds that is based on the Fun Learning principles. Angry Birds Playground combines the fun of Angry Birds with Finnish educational expertise to provide solutions and tools that support the engagement, creativity and innovative thinking of young learners.

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Broadening our vision with world-class partners

Collaboration is a key part of Fun Learning. We are very proud to work with and support inspiring, globally recognized innovators who share our vision.

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